Monday, November 12, 2012

Caramel Apple Blondies

I have been on a crazy apple baking kick. For some reason, I just can't get enough delicious baked apple goods. I have been trying a lot of new recipes in my insatiable desire for apple yumminess. This is my latest discovery. Wow! Let me tell you, these blondies are killer amazing. Seriously! I've baked them for the last two consecutive nights and the whole fam is fighting trying to get their fair share! It's amazing we aren't all 600 pounds with the way we've been going!

This recipe is originally from one of my favorite sources, Southern Living. Then the gal who writes the blog, Half Baked, decided to up the ante of crazy deliciousness and crown them with a KILLER caramel glaze. Are you kidding me!

I've decided to use a modicum of restraint and not bake another batch tonight. I'm just afraid one night will probably only be as long as I can last before I whip up another batch! I guess I'll have to keep having protein shakes for dinner for awhile! LOL

This recipe is at my new site. Hope to see you there :) I've posted a lot of new things.

Here's the home address:


  1. Lovely! These blondies look the addition of apples.

  2. oh my word! i've found another amazing blog to drool over... these blondies look so incredible, I could lick the screen.. but I really shouldn't!

  3. fantastic! what a delicious fall treat!

  4. they look amazing with all those nuts and caramel sauce but WE are almost 600 pounds (not really but we are big fat fatties) so I stick to apple pie or baked apples with oatmeal topping...In fact I made a pie yesterday morning at 8:00a.m....the house smelled wonderful all day....Have you ever tried Mutsu apples....they are the best baking apple ever....when I make my pies I cook the apples first in a saute pan then add to the crust and I only bake until the crust is light brown....the apples are perfectly cooked and the crust is not over done...a perfect combination....Happy Thanksgiving a week early!



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